CBS Distributors

CBS Distributors stands for "Car Bow Store Distributors." We are a family-owned business that is committed to supporting independent distributors of auto dealer supply products. We serve our customers by manufacturing and sourcing the finest quality auto dealer products and offering them at extremely competitive wholesale prices.

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We are committed to doing everything in our power to ensure the success of our partners:

  • We take the confidentiality of our customers extremely seriously by drop-shipping blindly and ensuring that our name does not appear on the outside [or inside] of your package(s). We also do not print identifying marks on our products or packaging and never include marketing materials in our packages.
  • We work very hard to offer competitive shipping costs by packaging multiple items in fewer boxes and choosing the most cost-effective carrier, whether it be UPS, USPS, or LTL.
  • Regardless of the size of your company, you get our best pricing.
We support independent and family businesses, because we are an independent family business.

How It Started

It all started in December of 1982, when Michael Rudolph founded MBR Marketing as a small, local distributor, selling promotional products to automobile dealerships in the Philadelphia area. During the holiday season, we found success selling car bows to the local dealerships, however, we were always very disappointed in the quality of the imported bows available on the market. In 2012, the Rudolph family completed a lengthy product development and research process and created a new division of the company called, Car Bow Store, under which we began manufacturing car bows at our location in Warminster, PA. The demands of manufacturing the product line ourselves meant we needed to purchase very large quantities of materials and invest in substantial labor and production capabilities, so our focus since inception has been to partner with select distributors of auto dealer supply products throughout North America to market our products to car dealerships. Our car bows are unique in the automotive industry, produced from domestically-sourced, high gloss PVC material that offers superior opacity and vibrancy of colors compared to the imported competition. Our bows are proudly produced in the United States under strict quality control guidelines and supervision, are finished with a superior quality magnet or suction cup, and are packaged in a super-strong protective box. We are committed to innovation and manufacturing excellence, having invented and developed many original and proprietary bows including our 30" Velvet Car Bows, 28" Big Gift Bows, Door Hanger Bows, 34" Windshield Car bows, & our extremely popular Suction Cup Car Bows.

To put it simply: We are committed to offering superior quality products and are driven to provide them at lower prices than the competition.

Expanding Our Mission

Over the years, as distributors have become very comfortable working with us, we have considered their requests by expanding our product offering to include deal jackets, car flags, feather flags, greeting cards, steering wheel covers, gear shift covers, floor mats, and many more products oriented towards sales and service departments of car dealerships. This new focus as a full service wholesale auto dealer supplies provider has created the necessity for us to build a new website and create a new brand, "CBS Distributors" to accurately represent the purpose, mission, and product offerings of our wholesale division.

Take advantage of our manufacturing and global sourcing network which is unparalleled in the auto dealer supply industry.

Experience The Difference

Every product in our line has been subjected to the same level of meticulous due-diligence and research. All of the products in our offering meet the following criteria:

  • Every product in our catalog has undergone the intense scrutiny and due-diligence required to ensure that they are the best quality in their respective category. While some companies achieve competitive pricing by skimping on quality, we work to find competitive advantages by manufacturing/sourcing directly and achieving economies of scale. Quality is our reputation and we strive to be as transparent as possible to provide you with the best products available.
  • We pride ourselves on being industry-experts in the products we offer. Some in our industry "exaggerate" products, either with intention or by ignorance, inflating dimensions, thicknesses, paper stock, and much more. With every product in our line, we have done the research and will share with you the most comprehensive, honest, and accurate knowledge so that you can earn the trust of your customers.
  • We urge you to reach out to us at any time to speak with us by phone. We view our distributors as trusted partners and enjoy working together to find ways to help you grow your business.
  • We make every effort to offer extremely competitive pricing to help your business prosper.
We seek not merely to satisfy our customers - Our goal is to amaze them.

Working To Reduce Shipping Costs

Our goal is to keep shipping costs as low as possible for our customers. We evaluate every order to determine the most cost-effective way to deliver your package, taking into consideration our aim to ship as many items in as few boxes as possible, minimize over-sized packages, and utilize the most cost-effective carrier, whether it be UPS, USPS, or LTL.

Our large inventory of boxes and our creative shipping manager enable us to combine many items or to group them together to reduce shipping costs. We also have very highly negotiated volume rates both with UPS and LTL carriers which we pass along to our customers to help reduce costs as much as possible.

We are always happy to quote shipping in advance to help you close the deal.

We Make It Easy

Our comprehensive website simplifies the process of reviewing your confidential wholesale prices, accessing high resolution images and detailed product descriptions for your website or marketing materials, and placing orders. We offer four convenient ways to order.

  • Order online - place your orders 24/7 on our state of the art wholesale-only website.
  • Order by phone - Call us old fashioned, but we still enjoy talking to customers on the phone.
  • Order by email - We offer the same level of personalized service by email.
  • Order by fax - Yes, we still accept orders by fax.
We are passionate about our work and our customers. We usually even respond to emails on nights and weekends.

Let's Work Together

We are actively working to expand our product line and to strengthen our relationship with our customers. Our goal is to be your most valuable supplier. We urge you to check our website frequently as we will be adding many more products on an ongoing basis.

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