CBS Distributors

CBS Distributors stands for "Car Bow Store Distributors." We serve select distributors by manufacturing and sourcing the finest quality auto dealer supply products and offering them at extremely competitive wholesale prices.

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  • We drop ship blindly and ensure that our name will not appear on the outside [or inside] of your package(s).
  • We work to minimize shipping costs by packaging multiple items in fewer boxes and choosing the most cost-effective carrier.


Our products have undergone intense scrutiny and due-diligence to ensure that they are the best quality in their respective category. We pride ourselves on being industry-experts and share with you the most comprehensive knowledge so that you can earn the trust of your customers.


We have the technology to accept orders on our secure website, yet we still value personal relationships with our customers. We view our distributors as trusted partners and we are passionate about working together to find ways to help you grow your business.

Check our website frequently as we are actively working to expand our product line and we will be adding many more products on an ongoing basis.

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