• Our Dealer Must Remove Adhesive Plastic Floor mats are constructed with a solvent-based acrylic adhesive which is stronger than the competition and will even adhere to damp carpet.
  • Perfect for auto repair shops, body shops, auto dealer service departments, detail shops, car washes, service stations and much more!
  • Our solvent-based adhesive is less likely to leave adhesive residue behind on the carpet compared to water-based adhesives which are used by competitors. The water-based adhesives are 15% less expensive, however, they do not perform as well and can leave adhesive on the carpet.
  • These durable plastic floor mats are preferred by detailing companies compared to competing products, because our mats adhere well to freshly shampooed carpets. Our film outperforms the competition on both damp and dry carpeting.
  • Our films are coated with more adhesive than competing products, creating an industry-best peel rate of 750 grams per inch. Competing companies advertise similar films as "High Tack", however, we offer the superior adhesion as our standard product.
  • We construct this film with at least 25% metallocene, which softens the film and prevents puncturing from sharp objects or pressure.
  • Sold on heavy duty 3" cores which make applications simple and easy.
  • The film is perforated every 21 inches to create individual floor mats.
  • These adhesive-backed polyethylene plastic floor mats do not slide around like traditional paper mats.

Wholesale Adhesive Plastic "Dealer Must Remove" Car Floor Mats

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