• 10 Inch Jailer Key Ring
  • Our 10 Inch Giant Jailer Key Rings are an effective and simple way to store many sets of keys.
  • Perfect for auto dealerships, real estate managers, building owners, janitorial staff, office managers, or anyone else who needs to store and organize many sets of keys.
  • Our durable key rings are constructed from 3/16" chrome plated steel wire. We use a thicker wire compared to the competition which makes for a more durable key ring, yet the wire is still thin enough to easily thread keys through the ring.
  • Our key rings are finished with real chrome plating - compare our product to inferior quality competing products that are finished with a cheaper galvanized coating that is much more prone to rust and does not offer the same brilliant appearance.
  • Designed with a flat top, which makes the key ring comfortable and easy to hold
  • Each key ring is threaded and comes complete with a screw locking fastener that securely holds the keys on the ring.
  • Ring bottom pivots to create larger top opening, allowing for easier key application and removal

10 Inch Jailer Key Ring

Item #: JR10

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