• Made in USA
    30 Inch Red Velvet Car Bow
  • Add a touch of class with our exclusive red velvet car bows!
  • Never before has a velvet bow been offered at such an affordable price!
  • These durable bows are constructed of proprietary velvet PVC ribbon and are only available from Car Bow Store.
  • This bow measures 30" diameter with two 30" long x 5" wide tails.
  • These bows are available with your choice of a Scratch-Resistant Magnetic Base or a Scratch-Proof Suction Cup.
  • Proudly manufactured 100% in the United States at our Warminster, PA location.
  • 10 Yard Rolls of Velvet Ribbon are available separately for wrapping your car or gift.

30 Inch Red Velvet Car Bow

Available With Scratch-Resistant Magnetic Base Or Suction Cup

Item #: VB30

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